Learner Experiences with MOOCs and Open Online Learning


The creation and release of this e-book would not have been possible without the generous contributions of numerous individuals.

The work that has been put into this project by the student authors is humbling. Without their effort, time, and dedication, this project would have not been possible.

The individuals at Hybrid Pedagogy made substantial contributions to this e-book. Sean Michael Morris (Managing Editor of Hybrid Pedagogy) and Chris Friend (Contributing Editor to Hybrid Pedagogy) reviewed all of the chapters and made excellent suggestions for improvement. Thank you to both of you for your enthusiasm, flexibility, and taking time out of your busy schedules to improve this book.

Kris Shaffer was instrumental in porting the book to Github. Kris, I am grateful for your expertise and help throughout this process, and I appreciate you taking the time to support this.

Cindy Londeore worked with me to review and edit all the chapters in this book. Her attention to detail and ongoing enthusiasm shaped the book into its current form. I’m very grateful, Cindy!

Even though this is the first book that Hybrid Pedagogy has taken on, I’m grateful that Jesse Stommel, Sean Michael Morris, Pete Rorabaugh, and Robin Wharton were excited, eager, and willing to work with me on this project. Your support and encouragement is much appreciated!

Thank you to all of you. It does take a village…

George Veletsianos
September 18, 2013
Victoria, BC